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Community Management

Whether it is through a third-party tool or native platform, I can ensure your community audience is well amused & cared for. I strongly believe a great social community comes from building a genuine relationship between brand and audience.

Content Development & Planning

You can't predict everything that happens on social, but you can plan for it. I can develop monthly content calendars that reflect your brand values and messaging as well as adapt content for multiple social media platforms.


Talking on social is not like traditional advertising or the formalities of customer service. I can help your brand convey all the right messages in the right way.

Analytics & Reporting

So you've gotten all the clicks, likes, shares, re-tweet/blogs, etc — what does it all mean? I can make sense of the social data and help you further engage your audience to achieve your objectives.


Social is changing everyday. It's important to keep up to date to ensure your brand is using the best ways to communicate on social. If you have a question you want to explore, like 'how much do people lie on social media?' or "what are the trends for 2016?", I can help you find the answer.

Paid Social

It's a pay-to-play landscape on social and I can help your brands execute paid social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

Natural Digital Thumb

I grew up in a digital world and along the way I've picked up a few digital skills, such as: Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS, video editing, video subtitling and knowing where to find the latest K-Pop goss.


Aside from my technical skills, I really care about cultivating office culture. I'm down to participate in any book, bourbon, wiffle ball club you may have, and spread a motivating and positive energy to produce better work.