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An online fan community of over 22,000 members, funded by fans, with the purpose of raising awareness and supporting a Korean pop group, U-KISS. Our aim is to engage and share our resources of U-KISS on an international scale.

From its inception, I have managed and maintained Rocketboxx. My role at this online community includes the incredible range of web designer, moderation and community manager, social media manager (ASK.FM, Twitter, uStream, YouTube), subtitle team co-ordinator (RocketSubs), editor in chief for content branch (RocketBuzz), merchandise management and design (RocketMart) and podcast speaker (RocketRadio).

My time at Rocketboxx has been a fantastic opportunity for me to nurture my inner passion for social media, digital design and Korean culture. The small staff team that I work with has helped me to build this large community of thriving discussions and information. At Rocketboxx, we are constantly finding new ways to reach our community members and garner new fans for U-KISS.