2016 Spring Trend Report

Based on what happened in 2015, my Tenthwave team and I produced a 2016 Spring Trend Report. The results included over 2,000 views and downloads and created potential new business leads for the agency.

Key Roles
– Extensive research to form data and basis of trends within the report.
– Develop “Banana-O-Meter” to measure relevancy of trends.
– Using card catalogue system to organize trends.
– Managing timeline of trend report.
– Writing, editing and final proofreading of entire report.
– Creative direction on report design.
– Strategizing release and promotion of report.



We don’t doubt that there’s already been a plethora of 2016 trend reports hitting your feeds. We know all about them — we’ve combed through them to produce this one for you. With 2016 already in full swing, a whole new set of trends has emerged that will impact marketers and advertisers throughout the year. Everything in the media world has become fragmented, spurred by innovations and dramatic shifts in behaviors. This, in turn, is changing the marketing playbook.

Download here.